Moriah E. West

June 2008: its been over two years! time does fly and so do i... well not really but i do have some more art. i hope you enjoy it and don't forget to comment :-)April, 2006: I have just done some sirius spring cleaning! SO HAVE FUN IN MY SLIGHTLY MORE UPDATED GALLERY! ****THANK YOU EVERY ONE FOR HELPING ME GET 200 COMMENTS! keep 'em comin'  ****  Well where to begin... hmm, I've been doing art -of all (or at least most) shapes & sizes- for as long as I can remember, my style has developed & changed -for better or worse- and will -hopefully- continue to do so for the rest of my life! so now the boring stuff, i have attended a small alternative school since i was 8 & before that i was home schooled, so you wont be finding any 'oooh, I hate math class I was so bored I drew this' art here : ). i dont havea scanner any more, so i havent been able to update in a while, so this is all fairly old, but hopfully i will get ahold of one soon. SO CHECK BACK!   Comments are highly appreciated! THANKS! *-* Sincerely, Moriah R. E. West Ps Constructive criticism is very welcome! I love to improve! please feel free to e-mail me i do accept  tips, ideas, commitions, requests, Constructive criticism & comments!