Helena Nilsson

I am a (fantasy) writer that during a long time have worked hard trying to illustrate my different characters. I still do - but now I try to concentrate on one thing. I've been writing for... many years now, soon half my life (when you are 19 there are few interests that have lasted so long). I still have settings and characters created when I was 12 or younger, although my works are constantly changing. More or less every time I re-read a story of mine I see things (big and small) that needs to be changed. That's why my elfwood gallery is so... empty *listens to the echo* I'd just be depressed if I saw old work here, so you just have to wait until  got something fresh and fitting :) It will, most likely, contain demons. And magicians. Occasionally an angel or two. I have one sci-fi story that could be prettied up to tolerable readability and one of them days I'm going to write something containing the species I've invented myself >w I am from Sweden, and since I don't study english anymore, I can be a bit... rusty. But that's not stopping me from writing/talking - so you'll probably notice when I'm too lazy to use the dictionary (don't worry, I go over my stories very carefully during the translation and use several dictionaries to find the right phrase) I enjoy creating (sexy) demon characters and female warriors in short skirts... I'm a female slightly perverted procrastinator with a craving for1. coffe2. tea3. chocolate (in every thinkable form and shape)4. internet5. sleep Usually I go up at 4 am in the morning=____= ZzzzZzzzZzzz I like internet communication (chat and forums), writing, drawing and daydreaming. Favourite movies Ahh.... I don't watch much TV.... ^^; Eh.... Sayonara Setsubou Sensei is neither, but very funny. Favourite books Most books by Terry Pratchett and David Eddings. I'm actually not that much for good old Tolkien.... I don't know, I got off on the wrong foot with the books from the beginning >.< Favourite music Rock usually does the trick ;)


Odd Meetings - Witness Version

Okay, this is the third and last Odd Meetings version. I've dragged you through the pretty but distant fairytale version, then Their Version (that is, Aram and Saraj's version) and now finally the outsider or witness version. This piece can be read without reading the other versionsI know because I tested it on my classmates. This version gives a whole new perspective on the meeting, and my silly fluff turns into a near nightmare.

Odd Meetings - Their Version

This is supposed to be read as a complement to the fairytale version, although I think it could be read separate as well. Short and sweet - roughly 460 words - but it mainly exist to give some character to the characters. Do note that I'm not entierly sure on how and where I should shorten down Aram's lines, as I'm keen on keeping him true to his manners. That, and he shold make a contrast against Saraj.You might also note that the story is slighly changes, as the fairytale is supposed to give a different feeling compared to how they experience the experience.

Odd meetings - fairytale version

This is quite an old piece that have been given a makeover roughly... every third year or so? And yes, fairytale version means that there are other versions - three other versions to be correct - but those will not be posted. At least not yet, since it's only a change in POV and not in plot. This... was a bit of a challenge. When I translated it to English I defenitely mused in all those complex fairytale-ish ol' words and silly things like coniferous (because those words sounds so funny to me). This makes it  high-risk project for me so if I've gone completely overboard (or should add more somewhere?) throw a boot at me and tell me so ;) Sappy end is sappy, but I like it. It's probably the only thing except the setting that is left from the original. Actually, there were an elf in the original. But the demon made more of a contrast so... I kicked the elf out and took in Scraggy McKnicknack here.


Normal 0 21 Right, I had this submitted once before, but the first thing I did when it was accepted was removing a code in the beginning that I though I had messed up. Proved that removing the code, removed the whole thing. -- This piece was written as a prompt that went out of hand. I was supposed to write about bubbles. And I came to think of the multicoloured smoke that came from a building in one of my old stories. And I thought of playful demon brats. And so, my little prankster Sansy was born ^_^ In this piece you also meet a mysterious woman. Hopefully I'll get around to piece her into more stories later since she is quite important. The brother: keep him or kick him? Right now he only fills dead space, but he tickles my mind...