Hei! Konochiwa! and Kia Ora! I'm Monique, 25 years old and I live in Holland/ I am craaaazy about manga! I guess my drawings will show that on their own :p I used to have some more drawings up here, but I deleted them and placed some new ones here that you will soon see. Somehow, I have a thing for Norway, Japan and New Zealand. I haven't been to any of these places yet.. but I hope to go sometime. They seem magical places, with lots of natue and inspiration. I mean just look at the Mythology!! So I guess they turn up in some of my pictures... altho I haven't really scanned new pictures yet... guess it's time for an update on my art huh... I have a lot of favorite artist on Elfwood. I will put some up shortly ^_^ some of my favorite artist on Elfwood: Stephanie Ruple she is an awesome artist! Emmy Bergström has an amazing style for drawing. I love her work! Gwendolen van der Linde has some great stories going on :D **read lett the Curtain fall!** Lalie R. Roque gets me inspired with her love for vampires ^_^ and she gets inspired by me again. I love her stories!