Theron the Vampire Hunter

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Emily Oldroyd

15th May 2007 age 17 Another Christmas present I owed to another friend, which, after approx. five months, I have FINALLY got finished! I used a 6000x8000 pixel canvas in Photoshop for this one; twice the size I normally work at (and boy, did my computer hate it; I was eventually compelled to leave it open overnight and during school, because when I wanted to work on it the next day or evening, it would take too long to load) - I do think it was worth it despite the issues it caused, because of the amount of detail I managed to pack in. For example, every bit of that bleeding grass is drawn blade by bleeding, poxy blade. Even the grass right next to the Cathedral! Speaking of the Cathedral, that's a real building just a couple of miles drive up the road from me (except I made the spires a little pointier). It's called Durham Cathedral and it's absolutely beautiful, I thought it fit the piece well. As for my friend's character, Theron, he's a vampire, demon, etc. etc. etc. hunter (in her words, a 'tired and freckly' one) and he was great fun to draw. Despite the Cathedral and the cross necklace, he isn't actually religious, but stuff that, it looked good. The poor guy is actually also a werewolf, and I forgot about this during working on the piece for a few minutes and was just about to add a full moon in the picture until I realised that if I did that, he really needed to be painted a little hairier! Probably took me a week... I think? I'm not sure how much time it adds up to in hours. Quite a few. =P Anyway, hope you like it, Katie, and I hope everyone else does too! Oh yes, and there are a few progress shots here:

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