You open the door and enter the room. The walls are painted dark pink, and hung with pictures. Silver-gold sunlight streams through a huge, gothic window on the far wall. In each corner of the room stands a mime, staring at you and smiling eerily. If you think this is too weird and have better things to do, go to page 62 If you decide to ignore the weirdness and take a closer look at the pictures, go to page 315 * * * Page 62: This is too weird, you think. I have better things to do. You open the door and step out, only to find yourself falling, falling, falling into blackness... Shocked, you realise that you have stepped into a bottomless abyss! As you fall to your eventual death, you think to yourself: Somehow, I think that was the wrong choice... * * * Page 315: You decide to wander over and examine the pictures. They look kind of interesting... All of a sudden, a huge, horrible, ravenous, Thing leaps out of the shadows behind you! (Please roll two dice and remember the total). *waits as you roll the dice* (You must be really bored to be doing this) Have you rolled them yet? Are you sure? Good. Then we can continue. If you rolled 2-6: The ravenous Thing eats you and you die. Wahahahaha!! If you rolled 7-12: You avoid the Thing's salivating jaws and stick its thumb in your eye (yes, you read that right). The Thing shrieks and whimpers and runs away, throwing itself through the gothic window with an ear-splitting crash of glass. Nobody likes to touch eyeballs, not even ravenous Things. If you cheated during this game: The door and window disappears, trapping you in this gallery for all eternity, in pitch blackness save for the eerie white faces of the mimes. Staring at you. And smiling.