The Sad Prince

 A very traditional kind of fairytale. A young girl runs away and discovers a sad prince sitting all alone in a ruined castle, and tries to make him happy by showing him a thousand beautiful things.

The Arrow

 That well known and slightly annoying cherub's arrow. It finds us all, eventually...

Departure Gate 02

Airports, I have come to discover, are depressing places; full of people either going away or being left behind. They are lonely places designed for the separation of souls. True, they can also be for reunions, but this story is for all those who have ever been left standing at the windows, watching your loved one fly away into the great unknown...

Mercury III: part four

A few important notes about this part: 'Tempson shield' is a made up term inspired by real-life Faraday shields, which are too complicated to explain, Google it if you really wanna know. As there doesn't seem to be an 'official' term for a group of dragons (there are all sorts of variations), I, THE ANGLER HAVE DECREED that in all stories hereafter (all of mine, anyway) they shall be known as 'a scream of dragons'. Hell yeah. ^^ Also, I had to answer the mystery of the mist, for purposes of not having an ending that sucked (although that still remains to be seen...) Sooorry! It was unavoidable! Don't hurt me, Panu!! *runs away*

The Water Maid

A sailor finds a mermaid and tells her of the world beyond the ocean.

Fairy Skulls

Even fairies can die, without dreams...

Black Sun Rising

This is a bit of a weird poem about death and the netherworld.

Neon Fairies

What has society become?

Green and Grey

I've wanted to write a story about Tasmania for a long time. Those that live here often grumble and complain about the weather, unemployment, the price of petrol and so on, but deep in our hearts we love our quiet little island and are proud to be Tasmanians. That's why it hurts to see its unique natural resources being needlessly destroyed. This story is a tribute to Tasmania's magnificent old-growth rainforests. Note: 'obliqua' and 'regnan' are species of eucalypt, the biggest trees in Australia (and among the biggest in the world). The story of El Grande is true. The names of the forest spirits are all names of actual Tasmanian forests under threat from logging (with the exception of St. Clair, which is actually a lake forming part of the Cradle Mountain Lake St. Clair National Park, an area which has been protected forever from logging and mining activities). The 'aboriginal' language near the end of the story is not real-- I made it up, except for the word 'Trowena' which IS a real word, meaning 'Tasmania' in Palawa kani (a language used by Tasmanian aboriginies).

Warra-Wirri's Wings

A supernatural Australian story. billabong-- waterhole nulla nulla-- an aboriginal throwing weapon

Princess of the Murky Mire

The tale of a strange and beautiful lady living in an ancient swamp with only frogs for company. Inspired by one of my own drawings: 'Princess Anura' although this story turned out a bit darker and more complicated than the simple description for that pic... Also, I was reading a lot of Edgar Allan Poe's stories before writing this. It's not inspired by any of them, the concept is all my own, but I liked the long, poetic, eloquent sentences and highly visual descriptions and melancholy atmosphere. Not that any of my stories could ever match the amazingness of Poe's writing, but I tried to borrow a bit of his style (while also trying not to ruin my own style in the bargain. ^^;) So, yeah. I know there's a few overly long sentences. They're kind of deliberate. Oh, btw, this is meant to be a two-parter, but I haven't written the second part yet. The first bit deals with the Princess's past, the second part will deal with the present/future consequences of what happened, significance of the mask 'n whatnot... Also, umm, can anyone tell me if I used the word 'lionising' in the wrong context? (Lionising meaning to treat someone like a celebrity) Can you treat someone like a celebrity in a hateful way? Or is there a better word for that? (And I choose to spell 'lionising' with an 's', not a 'z' :P)

Mercury III: part two

The second of four parts. I recommend Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata for the Enforcer theme. ;)

Mercury III: part one

PLEASE READ MERCURY EYE FIRST-- SPOILERS WITHIN!!The sequel that I probably shouldn't have written but I did anyway because I love my Mercs and couldn't resist writing about them again. :) This story is a continuation of the plot from Mercury Eye. Dedicated to Darian Lewis for 200th comment title.

Mercury Eye

Technology can be a marvellous thing, but relying on it too heavily can have dangerous and unforseen consequences... (Okay, this is my first real sci-fi, so bear with me here...)


A poem about dragons dancing over the midnight sea.

The Name on the Tower: part 1

A wizard is cursed to remain locked in his tower forever unless someone can correctly pronounce his name.

Winning Ticket

A fortune spirit struggles to impart its simple gift. This is a rewrite of a very, VERY old story that I wrote back in my high school creative writing class of 1996, when I was fifteen. Everyone seemed to love it back then, so, what the heck, I thought. Let's do an update. I took the basic story idea and gave it more depth and description, lengthening it from one page to three. It's still pretty short and sweet and simplistic, but I rather like it. I wanted to add something a bit more uplifting to my library.


Who is the girl? Where did she come from? Is she part of nature, or a remnant of humankind? Or both? So many questions...

Mercury III: part three

Sorry about the wait, this took FOREVER due to general procrastination, and the conclusion ended up being much longer than I expected. Had to split it into two parts... Bryce and Lauren discover that their escape from the Enforcer was only a brief reprieve, as it returns with a VENGEANCE. (Is there any other sort of return??) Umm, I hope you like lots of action. LOTS of action. ^^;

The Name on the Tower: part 2

Conclusion. Elina is forced to tell Madam Mem the truth about what she was doing in the forest.