Experiments in Absurdity #2: Applefish

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If apples learned to swim, they might look like this... ^^ ~~*~~ Light green acrylic wash base, coloured pencils.  

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Category Fantasy

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The tale of a strange and beautiful lady living in an ancient swamp with only frogs for company. Inspired by one of my own drawings: 'Princess Anura' although this story turned out a bit darker and more complicated than the simple description for that pic... Also, I was reading a lot of Edgar Allan Poe's stories before writing this. It's not inspired by any of them, the concept is all my own, but I liked the long, poetic, eloquent sentences and highly visual descriptions and melancholy atmosphere. Not that any of my stories could ever match the amazingness of Poe's writing, but I tried to borrow a bit of his style (while also trying not to ruin my own style in the bargain. ^^;) So, yeah. I know there's a few overly long sentences. They're kind of deliberate. Oh, btw, this is meant to be a two-parter, but I haven't written the second part yet. The first bit deals with the Princess's past, the second part will deal with the present/future consequences of what happened, significance of the mask 'n whatnot... Also, umm, can anyone tell me if I used the word 'lionising' in the wrong context? (Lionising meaning to treat someone like a celebrity) Can you treat someone like a celebrity in a hateful way? Or is there a better word for that? (And I choose to spell 'lionising' with an 's', not a 'z' :P)

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