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...Or, more accurately, an early version. See-- I used to have these characters from this story, Orthodox Moon, and they were the descendants of this rather funny-looking fellow. The story and the later Shi'keesh count, quite literally, as scifi-fantasy, cos while they had spaceships and such, they were in another dimension entirely. And how's the early Shi'keesh high fantasy? Easy. The Sylver Dimension wasn't always so evolved, and this guy's from the equivalent of the medievil age. Ummm... I know it looks strange, but it, like the Gwahburu model, was an early drawing...

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Msitu Gets An Ostrich

Msitu; My schizophrenic universe-destroying grade A loony with a Ph. D on TLK MUCK. n.n This was written shortly after the Zuri'misala's big storm TP, when Msi' decided that she wanted an ostrich to conquer the world. So. I wrote this story. And as for her spammy usename -- Mantrid Jeremy Hillary Boo Ph. D with a hole in her pocket -- , it's rather a long story. The 'Mantrid' came from the time I'd decided that I needed a character like the Mantrid from Lexx, and that was fun to RP. So was the time she decided she was an inventor, and the short splurb where she was a Nowhere Man. Yes, I'd just seen Yellow Submarine. Anyway. The guy who speaks in tildes (Banu) is one of the Drem Frogs-in-training In Her Head; See, she used to hang out with this voice named Ahrofo, and he was a Drem Frog, but then he went away, so she started hanging out with Banu, Jagan, and Mbengdok. She was so much fun to RP. n.n Anyway. Characters and stories (c) me.

The Creation of the Universe

A long time ago, I took it upon myself to write up the creation of the universe... And of course, being me, I completely fecked it up with the four Empowered Powdered Demons Who Got High, also known as-- The Powers That Be! Gods, this story was fun to write. It was originally for school, but mum took one look at it and burnt it. Or something. n.n As you might have already deduced, it was written during a short-lived obsession with the song 'Because I Got High' by Afroman, or however it's spelt.

Chronicles of the Moon

Um. I started this one a loooong time ago. I've been slacking off lately, is why more of it's not done yet, but I'm gonna get it published some day. Uhhh... Characters (c) me, yadda yadda... Dunno what to say bout this one.

Peran Fobos

Mrah. It's a story I wrote for a writing magazine (I still have to send it in... Shhhh.), bout a family of shifters. 's just a short story... The title's Greek... Uhhh... It's actually written from first person, and Skira is loosely based off my cat Chaydah, named after a Sholan cub from the Lisanne Norman books. Confused yet? :)

Ystera arthro Fotia

Uhr. This one was written when I was depressed over the cubs... Didn't have any permanent Qowehi chars, so I made these two to be subjected to this story that involves pain and human suffering... Err, Qowehi sufferning. Title's Greek, as usual... Chars are (C) me.. The U.B.J is (C) me, too...

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