Marie Tary

Greetings! I'm a 32 year old Graphic Designer who has been in love with fantasy ever since she was 2 years old. I've been pretty much into artistic expression since I could hold a pencil. Although a lot of the work here is getting on, I'm going to endevor to begin replacing it with newer, better stuff. I'm starting to get embarassed because I know I've improved a lot over the years here. A slow and painful process just due to my extremely busy schedual, but I hope to get it done. I'm also very into webcomics and have two to my name. One is Shifters: The Beast Within at, and the other is called Brymstone and is at I'm a huge fan of anthromorphics and anime, as well as magic, cyberpunk, RPGs and other, assorted things. I like Anime, Cats, computers, video games, MMOs, Drawing, fitness Favourite movies Farscape, Stargate SG1, Battlestar Galactica (new one), a ton of anime too numerous to name. Favourite books Dresden Files, Xanth series, Pern series, and a whole other bookshelf of novels and manga. Favourite music Techno/trance/ambient with some pop, modern, rock, and other elements mixed in.