Werner Mueck

November 1st, 2008: Hi, I'm Werner Mueck. I haven't updated either of my Elfwood galleries in a long time. I haven't even checked them much thinking that they had faded off into obscurity because of lack of traffic. Part of this was because I stopped getting e-mail notifications about comments and I just figured people stopped coming.That's not Elfwood's fault or anything. I've been working on a home page update lately and thought I'd come have a look at what was going on here and found out that there are still a handful of pictures in the gallery that get commented on. I decided to finally update but before I do that, I'm going to clear out some of the stuff here that I either don't care for anymore, haven't been commented on in years, or never really got many comments to begin with. After I do that I'll send in my ticket for my first update (I hope I can remember how to do it, it's been a long time).One place I update regulary (for me that is) is my Sketchbook Blog. I started a 9x12 sketchbook several months ago and when I have time to draw for myself I draw in it. I noticed that the shaded pictures in this gallery have been getting more visits. I havent drawn anything like that in a while but I'm going to try and do some in the sketchbook and when they're done, I'll post here and there.