Megan Thorn

I'm 14 and am in year nine at school. I take art as a main subject allong with information technology (IT), so I do a bit of photomanipulation. I take art lessons outside of school, there I do craft and drawing for two hours total a week, my teacher is really good and supportive, it helps me a lot. I love drawing, when ever I'm bored I find myself scribbling something on a piece of paper. I like drawing horses the most but I also draw things like dragons and adapted animals, eg. wierd things like lizards with wings and stuff like that. I love animals so I don't really draw people all that often but I do on occansion. I'm alright at drawing people if I'm using charcoal, I find pencil is too hard to shade with and not get lines in it. I like using charcoal, I'm just getting used to pastel but I don't really like chalk but conte crayons are the best I love them. I mainly draw in black and white but I'm starting to use colour pencil. I hope I will eventually learn to use paint, I think I'd like it but I've never really considered it and I don't use it often. I hope to improve on my fanart and start creating my own images of that style.