Victoria Yu

I'm 15 and love the wicked beauty of gothic art. I like to dream about publishing a book in the future though that is near impossible. Have a crossbred dog named Dodo. Resides in Shanghai, China in a school full of crazy friends. I like Reading, Writing, Drawing, Singing when no one is around Favourite books Gemma Doyle Trilogy, The Legend of Drizzt Favourite music Evanscence, HIM, Within Temptation, Nightwish, Tokio Hotel, Apolcalyptica, Epica, Lacuna Coil

Dream's Keep

  This is an "epic poem" I did for English last year in 9th grade. We were supposed to write out one scene with a limit of around 100 lines. I admit at first I had no idea what I was supposed to write, then when I was looking up names for my characters, the whole story just swung into vision and smacked me in the face, figuratively. Thus, I went into an obssessed mode in my typing and after a day and night's work, this was the result. Not exactly 100 lines, since in microsoft word, it was 1,038 lines. I was way over limit, but that happens when a story screams to be written. The really long part in the beginning was the main scene that came into my head, then I summarized the rest to save myself from dying infront of my computer. Though I wish to elaborate this story, I've already lost the fire burning in me when writing it, so I guess I'll just leave it the way it is and post it on Elfwood. Minor changes were done to spelling and grammar, but if there are still mistakes, that just means I went blind when correcting everything.Somewhat Greek mythology related and a bit of urban fantasy all smashed together. Forgive me if the Greek is awkward for those that actually can read it. Google translations aren't always correct. Please enjoy and I would love constructive criticism on this piece.

Little Pink Riding Hood

A funny twist on the age old tale. Characters have changed and names as well. Wonder what happens?

Midnight Chapter 5

Jenna finds herself treated completely different all within a night, but is the new found attention dangerous? She explores her relationship with Kail and soon cannot ignore her own heart. Caught within the dawn of a battle for power, will she survive unscathed?

Midnight Chapter 4 Pt.2

Strange things have been happening around Jenna and she's accused of them. Suddenly, Kail seems to confess! Just what is going on?

Midnight Chapter 2

More of Jenna's world is revealed...You see more of her defiant nature and love for her friends. Also, a little more background of her position in her world. Please comment and enjoy. Constructive Critism will be helpful. *Note: Ok, here's the thing. I'm slow in the beginning, but I swear I will make up for it later.


Ever wondered what the world of angels are like? Do not assume I mean the angels of the bible, those kind creatures of God, but a different race altogether. A race with a story of their own. Are you ready to share their secrets?

The Mermaid Princess

Okay, I know it isn't creative, but I was not in the best writing mode. A poem about a mermaid wishing to please the king, her father, with her voice.

A Great and Terrible Beauty

An unfortunate maiden that put her trust in the wrong man's hands. He changed her into something she never hoped to be.

Midnight Chapter 3

More of Jenna's daily life is revealed with a possible plot against her. Images seem to be bothering her. What will happen?

Midnight Chapter 4 Pt.1

More of my story and strange things start to happen in Jenna's world. Please comment!