Maggie Wang

Let's see--I'm a 30 year old Army veteran with unfortunate addictions to computers, reading, and drawing. (If you've been to my Elfwood art gallery, you probably already know this, but c'est la vie.) Some of my favorite authors are Mercedes Lackey, Barry Hughart, Laurell K. Hamilton, Teresa Edgerton, Walter Jon Wiliiams, Neal Stephenson, and Terry Pratchett. I compulsively collect Animaniacs, Mulan, and Powerpuff Girls gear, and may even start a Daria collection soon, since I am constantly being compared to the show's main character. I've fallen out of the habit of writing in the last few years, concentrating on art and HTML instead, but I'm trying to jump back into creating short stories now that I'll have a bit more free time. I'd eventually like to self-publish my own Asian-influenced cyberpunk comic book (NOT in a manga style, however, sorry!) in collaboration with a writer friend from college. More news on this when I actually have something to show you all... As a side note, if you're looking for poetry in here, you might want to wander into a different room, since I am beyond dreadful at it and refuse to torture the masses with my painful attempts at rhyme. There is enough pain and suffering in the world without yet another would-be Wordsworth adding to the collective angst.

A Tale of Faerie

Yes, I know I promised no poetry, but I, too, was once forced to produce poetry-to-order by my English teachers. Here is one of the better results.... Pardon the limerick-style, sing-song rhythm, but most of the poems I actually *like* fall under the headings of rhymes and epics.

Names of the Heart

So I'm a sap for a sad love story....

Falcon's Flight

Originally a one-shot short story written for class, I am considering turning this tale into a longer novella.