Silvannen Gerrard

Hi, yes, I'm the same person as Silvannen 'Mystic Dragonrider' Gerrard (if you hadn't already worked it out). This profile if just for my artwork whilst my orther one is for my writing, so please check out my other account (I usually live there more than here! ^_^). Also check out my website at! Also check out my other (not all fantasy related) artwork on my deviantART account at:!Some of my favourite artist are: Molly Harrison/ Jessica Galbreth/ Meredith Dillman/ Salina Fenech/ Anne Stokes/ Linda Ravenscroft/ Stephanie Pui Mun Law/Josephine wall. I am just in awe of their wonderful work! IThis list usually gets longer and longer, because, if you hadn't noticed, I really do love good artwork - This can be seen by the extensive favourites list on my other account! I recommend all the artists there!As usual, if you leave me a comment I shall make every effort to respond! Thanks for stopping by! ^_^I'm also on deviantArt now, so swing by and check out some of my other stuff (not all fantasy themed but the majority is - also a variety of styles/ techniques) picture done by Selena Fenech)

George The-Not-Quite-A-Saint And The Misunderstood Dragon

Here is the sequel The Princess, The Dragon And Harry The-Not-Very-Brave  and is the second part in the Saga of The Misadventures of Harry The-Not-Very-Brave. However, this story can still be enjoyed without having read the first one (though it is recommended). This is my take on the legend of Saint George, and was inspired by a beer poster that I saw a while ago. Once again, it is at least meant to make you smile if nothing else. Hope you like it!

The Princess, The Dragon, And Harry The-not-very-brave

This is just a silly short story that I wrote purely for my own amusement during writer's block. I decided to share it with you. It's nothing spectacular but it's supposed to at least make you smile. Enjoy!

The Dragon Charmer's Daughter

This is another poem I have written. It was inspired by a picture by fantasy artist Briar called 'The Dragon Charmer's Daughter'' hence the name of the poem. In the origional picture she is actually playing a harp instead of a lyre, but the word 'lyre' fit the poem easier than 'harp', so I did make a slight change. I hope you like it! ^_^

Describe Your Home

This was something I wrote as a practise GCSE English paper. The question was 'describe your home'. This is just a funny little piece I wrote, much more interesting than a normal, boring description I think!!

Lilac Fae

This is a poem that I have written that was inspired by a picture by Jessica 'Neon Dragon' Peffer. In my opinion it is the second best that I have written as of yet. The poem was also published by United Press Ltd. in their 2010 anthology, 'Whispers On The Breeze'. I hope you like it!

The Lay Of Ilborenth and Gorethmon

This is a poem - or lay - that was inspired by reading J.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Lord of the Rings'. It is the longest poem have have yet penned  and it is about two friends who are forced to flee from their home due to a battle that has gone ill against the High Dark Mage. However, they refuse to acknowledge this defeat and rally a new army to challenge the Mage and win back their homeland. This is the story of their quest...

Who am I?

This was something I wrote for a practice English paper. The question was 'Decribe yourself." And I only had 45 minutes to do the thing in. It's not perfect as I didn't have time to go back through it and change things, but I hope you like it!Note: This is not an actual description of least, I don't think so......

Inky Prison

Just something that wrote itself in my imagination after watching Inkheart. It's very similar is some ways. I hope you like it!