Hi, yes, I'm the same person as Silvannen 'Mystic Dragonrider' Gerrard (if you hadn't already worked it out). This profile if just for my artwork whilst my orther one is for my writing, so please check out my other account (I usually live there more than here! ^_^). Also check out my website at! Also check out my other (not all fantasy related) artwork on my deviantART account at:!Some of my favourite artist are: Molly Harrison/ Jessica Galbreth/ Meredith Dillman/ Salina Fenech/ Anne Stokes/ Linda Ravenscroft/ Stephanie Pui Mun Law/Josephine wall. I am just in awe of their wonderful work! IThis list usually gets longer and longer, because, if you hadn't noticed, I really do love good artwork - This can be seen by the extensive favourites list on my other account! I recommend all the artists there!As usual, if you leave me a comment I shall make every effort to respond! Thanks for stopping by! ^_^I'm also on deviantArt now, so swing by and check out some of my other stuff (not all fantasy themed but the majority is - also a variety of styles/ techniques) picture done by Selena Fenech)