Tammy Guile

Whee! I'm hyper, and here's some info about me. How those two things are related - the world may never know. Sooooo, yeah. Name: Now gee. this one is just a tad bit obvious. ::points to the top of the page::Age: 19Zodiac:GeminiHair colour and whatnot: Goldenish Blonde Hair (I dyed it auburn though)- dark brown eyesFavourite Colour: Tie between Turquoise and SilverThings I like to do besides draw: Act, sing (Yes, I'm a soprano, and no it's not because I like to sing the melody, but rather that I can sing high and can't sing low),dance, write, colourguardObsessions: Harry Potter Series, Kingdom Hearts Neopets Username:Megami_KaishiFanfiction.net Username:KaishiFictionpress.net Username MegamiNekoLook for me on DeviantArt too! gemini_swede