Updated: September 4th, 2004.Welcome to my realm. It was when I droped the 'tasy' of 'fantasy art' that I found myself here, in Elfwood's Fan Art section. I adore constructive criticism, but I understand how feisty fellow fans can get. Therefore, I follow the standard nightshifter's code: You bite me, I'll bite back. Simple as that!Some old work has been removed. Some hasn't. Each entry has been dated, however, so that you may see my progression through the years. Work is displayed from as far back as 2001 when I was 12.What should you expect here? A number of things, really. You will find a lot of 'Zelda' here, specifically of the Gerudo Exalt Nabooru, for whom the gallery is named. You will also find some of our fanged friends and foes, vampires from Anne Rice's chronicles and White Wolf's VTMR.Enough rambling. Tis your turn now...Proceed into my gallery, and leave a comment or two. Those portrayed will only make you regret it if you neglect such an easy task. *wink*