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Corixa was a young Sanagisian - only twenty four. She devoted to no mage, though was fond of Bastet for her closest companion was a tigeress cub named Sanguinara. She did not always bear the weight of these demonic wings, however. She was once mortal.. And had aimed toward becoming a cleric. This changed for poor Corixa, however.. For when she crossed a vengeful apprentice of the dark mage Set, and prevailed, Set cursed her and her companion with the evil spirits of demons, even staining the cub's fur a dark midnight black. Yet even as a demon of Set, Corixa refused to follow him. Set would have finished her and her companion Sanguinara had Set's own son, Anubis, not rescued them. Corixa and Sanguinara became apprentices to Anubis in return for his favour, and he with his lunar magics tried to lift the curse of the demon which often altered poor Corixa's thoughts. The curse could only be lifted partially -- The weight of her heavy demonic wings remained, as they did to Sanguinara. For her valiant efforts in resisting Set's dark powers, Re, great solar mage, awarded Corixa with another companion -- a yellow hided gryphon named Gryphalis who would serve to protect her. This was not the end however... Many many nights after, Set had not given up. In a dark alley of Sanagis Corixa was approached by a group of Set's most powerful dark mages, and Corixa again prevailed -- but just barely. The gryphon was wounded and knocked unconcious, but he would recover. Corixa and Sanguinara, however, would not. That is, had another not come to save them. The dark figure whispered something into Corixa's ear, but Corixa could barely hear her, only nod her head absently as she quietly wimpered in the pain of her mortal wounds. The figure was cloaked, and when she lifted her hood, there stood a long haired pale beauty, her eyes glowing in the shadowy night. She lowered herself to Corixa's neck -- And embraced her, then did the same for the black tiger cub, Sanguinara. Corixa and her companions would be eternal, now.. For that is how Corixa the vampiress was born a hunteress of the night. Medium: Pencil Sketch -> Adobe Photoshop

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