Kiriban ; Ker'atu

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Ker'atu for Veyska for getting my 4,000th page view on Deviant art. First let me say that i am QUITE proud of myself on this one! Not only did i manipulate the background to /my/ needs, i took the time carefully to do all the shading and detail that i could manage to squeeze in within 3 hours. I'm very proud of this and i hope i did Veyska's character justice. I adore the sideways scowling smirk her character is giving. Here is what Veyska sent me on her character: 'In this unicorns are one of a handful of semi-elemental races in this world. They are based off of an eight element system. White unicorns (earth/light) and gold unicorns (wind/lightning) are the 'good' unicorns, and blue unicorns (water/ice) and black unicorns (fire/dark) are the 'bad' ones. The aquatic blue unicorns generally have little contact with landbound humans and so do not have the reputation blacks do. Although dark and light are not inherently equal to evil and good respectively, black unicorns as a race have more than earned their reputations as evil. Not for nothing is the word for black unicorn in some cultures the same as devil or demon. Imagine, if you will, a cruel, sadistic, and evil race of unicorns absolutely obsessed with fire and poison (pyros everyone of them) that also has the ability to heal (they *are* unicorns after all). Add in the fact that most unicorns, even the good ones to a certain extent, look down on humanoid races, and you have a recipe for disaster. The only thing that keeps black unicorns from destroying civilization is that they're as happy to go after another herd of blacks as they are the nearest town. A typical black unicorn hobby is to keep a humanoid alive while burning them by healing them until you get bored. Ker'atu is sadistic, cruel, and even more of a pyro than is normal for her race, but she is nevertheless almost a saint compared to the rest of her race. She doesn't go after random people just for the hell of it, and only gives the 'black unicorn treatment' (burning alive until she gets bored of it) to creatures that seriously hurt her or pissed her off. Unfortunately, she has a 'fiery' temper, so opponents that are too badly injured to flee usually end up dead. She's hardly 'good' aligned though, since her desertion from her herd stemmed not from a troubled conscience but a lack of interest in torturing eveything that moved. Now (finally) to the physical description of Ker'atu's race. Unicorns as a whole are *slightly* smaller than the average horse. All of them have a long straight horn growing from the center of their forehead. Blacks resemble Arabians a lot in build. There is something vaguely catlike or serpentlike in their build, and they look rather gaunt (sleek, but still gaunt). Not skeletal, but not as fleshed out as other unicorns or horses. Their bodyfur is ink-black (blue black, not brown-black like a lot of horses), and their mane and tail-tuft are red. Unicorns in this world are somewhere between old-fashioned unicorns and more modern ones. They are built like horses, but have split hooves and the lion tail (albeit with a larger more horsetail-like plume of hair at the end). Their horn, hooves, and eyes are also red, and they have slit pupils. Blacks are primarily carnivorous, and so have sharp teeth and distinctly pronounced fangs.' I left out the fangs because it just didnt look right to me on the image, so pretend they are there. Now re-reading the description, i realized they have slit eyes and red horns.. my mistake. I shall soon fix that! Hope you like! Ker'atu & Black Pyro Obsessed things (c) Veyska Art is (c) to Me.

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