An'ar ; The Blind Mare

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Chevy Blue

An’ar Daughter of Deshkha Born from a raped unicorn, and thus more good in her than evil. An’ar strove to try and curb her fathers eccentric and wicked ways. He took a bare pity on her because she was his own blood and the only to remain at his side. Then An’ar, who had always admired the moon, finally exhausted of her fathers constant wickedness, went to the moon goddess and begged Luwasha to take her into the domain the moon ruled, and save her from her fathers madness and let her live a mortal life on earth and be given the chance to prove that her fathers blood did not dominate her body and make her full of wicked trickery. She did not want to have her soul condemned in her fathers realm forever. Luwasha took pity on An’ar, and accepted the deal. An’ar was stripped from her father’s lands and reborn again in the mortal world. She was happened upon by a Luwan colt, maybe weeks older then s he, who took her to his clan and she was accepted by the elder Moon Caller as a student. Deshkha, having learned of his prodigal daughters deal, became angry at the loss of his favored daughter. He decided he would trick An’ar and make Luwasha punish her, for she was no longer under his realm to allow him to do so himself. An’ar had made her place amongst the Luwan tribe and they had accepted her and some even said she was well on her way to being a Moon Caller. An’ar was proud of her obedience and discipline to her deal with Luwasha, and loved the moon. She was also growing very attatched to the Luwan colt who had found her, Morius. Then on the night of the new moon, when Luwasha’s glow did not shine down to protect her, Deshkha took the form of one of An’ar’s precious Morius. It was dark, and An’ar could not see the way when suddenly she was attacked. What she saw in the darkness, was her friend, the Luwan Morius. She was frightened, and did not fight back. Morius fled, and she chased his shadow to find out why he had attacked her so suddenly. Perhaps it had been a mistake or he was just playing another of their games. She lost Morius for some time, and found him not too long later, lying in a grove, soaking the ground with his blood, his sides heaving with the effort to stay alive. An’ar was lost and confused. But she did not leave Morius’ side. She had not done this. She stayed with him throughout the next day, crying tears the soaked his mane and mixed with the sweat in his neck. The moon rose again that night, and Luwasha appeared furious before them the moment Morius took his last breath and passed. Luwasha demanded why An’ar had slain her childhood friend, and An’ar told him of the attack in the dark. And how she had come upon him this way and had never struck a blow. “I couldn’t see him!” An’ar had cried. Luwasha promised that An’ar would never see again. An’ar bowed in submission, unable to prove her innocence.. Luwasha smited her. An’ar’s lovely pearl coat turned a dark ink black, and her horn bent forward with the force of Luwasha’s rage. Luwasha also blinded her, stealing her sight then banished her to the moon. An’ar would only be allowed out on the night of a full moon to try and make up for her sin. These were far and few chances. An’ar wasn’t given enough time and grew frusterated. The goddess Emperri' Ala had been the only one to watch An’ar on these moonless nights, for her stars still shone in the sky. She appeared before An’ar one night, and took a great pity on her. An’ar’s mother had been a unicorn like Emperri' Ala and Emperri' Ala was furious that Deshkha had raped her mother. Emperri' Ala promised that An’ar would be able to have a better chance to prove her sin was a mistake and then maybe Luwasha would release her from her eternal scentence. Emperri' Ala became An’ar’s mentor in a way, appearing only on the nights when the moon did not shine as to not anger Luwasha, encouraging An’ar to keep trying even when she had failed many times to gain Luwasha’s favor. To aid her, in Emperri' Ala’s constellation, Emperri' Ala’s made sure her horn always pointed towards the moon, which opened the paths that allowed An’ar to wandered the surface of the mortal world on any night. But her purpose would always be to be on the earth of the night of the New Moons to ensure no others would make the same mistake that she had.

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