Daniel Copeland (the Naked Celt)

My name, in case you didn’t read the title there, is Daniel Copeland. I live in New Zealand. I’m unemployed but looking for work as an illustrator; I can do commissions, but not for free. I draw with pencils. Nice cheap pencils, ’cause of the unemployment thing. Mostly, I draw fantasy subjects, but I’m also very fond of folklore and myth. My favourite fantasy authors are Terry Pratchett, J. K. Rowling, and J. R. R. Tolkien. My favourite artist on Elfwood is Ursula Vernon. My dislikes? Do not mention Terry Goodkind in my presence. Or animé, I hate animé. There’s probably such a thing as good animé, but I’m afraid, living in New Zealand, I mainly associate it with such crimes against humanity as Pokémon and Dragonball Z. I’m a member of the Zompist BBoard, which is a set of forums, run by Mark Rosenfelder, for people who make up fantasy worlds, and, especially, the associated languages. Highly recommended if you’re into that sort of thing, which I imagine quite a lot of people on Elfwood will be. Feel free to leave what comments you like on my work. Hey, if you say something stupid it’s not me that’s gonna look bad. All the same, I do have a couple of courtesy requests: Please don’t try and defend bad drawing on my part by saying “This is fantasy, guys, it can look like whatever the artist wants”, or any equivalent. I share Ursula Vernon’s opinion on such sentiments, to wit: magic should be an inspiration, not an excuse. There are no such things as centaurs or dragons, but it’s my job to make you think there could be. If it doesn’t look real, that’s something I need to work on. I’m an ex-Christian sceptic, and this may show up in my work. I’m also a practising nudist, and this will definitely show up in my work. I realize there will be many people who disagree with both those positions, and I have big pages on my website defending them. Please don’t use the comments space to debate the issue unless you’ve read those pages and come up with an argument which isn’t mentioned there, and is relevant to the artwork in question. Otherwise it’ll just get silly.