Disturing Thoughts

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Dorothy Jorgensen

Zap sighed in relief grinning at her. 'I thought for a second you went off the deep end there.' He said, his grin growing wider. 'Don't scare me like that, it's creepier than Sloth in a dress. And I've seen things.' He said, shuddering. Lani thought about this for a moment, evisioning it, before she adopted a seriously disturbed expression. 'Eurgh!! Don't say things like that!!!!' She implored instantly, straightening up and eyeing him cautiously. 'That's worse than Vira in overalls, than Count Voo Roo in a tutu. At least, THEY don't wear ominous capes and hoods all the time!! Wait, I take that back for Vira..' 'Mmm, rawr, Vira.' Zap said, his grin growing wider for a moment... xD Again, this picture is inspired by a Roleplay between me and Krystal. Zappator's character is copyright to her, whereas Lani's is copyright to me!! And, of course, Neopets is copyrighted Neopets. >3 Duh!! Yeah, I know in those two posts it says Dr. Sloth in a /dress/, not a tutu, but I got /reeaaallly/ bored. May you be disturbed by this!! In all the time I've been on neopets, I've seen sloth be degraded, made fun of, be mentally scared, even humiliated, but NEVER. EVER have I imagined him in a tutu. But... NOW I HAVE!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! I also know that Both Vira and Count Voo Roo wear ominous capes xD And yah, in this part of the Rp, thier supposed to be mutants, and Zapp should have a few bad scratches on his face o.o;; sorry, but this is just how it came out.. As for zappator, I know that usually boris don't have hair that cover the entire tops and backs of their heads usually--so sorry!! I kinda think that he would have looked wierd without hair, though... What do YOU think, whoeveryouare? >3

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