Nevil McGuinness

Hi, I've enjoyed Elfwood art since I discovered the site while surfing the net soon after getting my first internet connection. I have been a DJ since the 90's and studied Multimedia and Music Production at UOD. I don't often get a chance to do artwork for it's own sake these days but it was definately one of my passions . I am probably going to be heading further in the direction of video music and animation in future. However, when I can find a good excuse I will be adding what I can to this site and it just so happens I did find one recently :) I like DJ/Music Production Video/Animation Clubs/Travel/Events Large list of other things Favourite movies See my Facebook Page for Movie Quiz Favourite music I write electronic music because that's what I know how to do. I DJ alot of different scenes when the work comes my way, mostly not electronic as it happens. If there isn't an article on my website explaning my opinion, there probably will be soon.