Nancy Chamberlain

This page is quite old and the stories on it are all from prior to 2007. I am still a writer, although I don't write as much or as often as I used to. My writing has really changed over the years and has evolved (I'd like to think I have much improved). I hope to publish sometime within the next year (2016).

Kyla's Story (A Prologue)

Here it is folks! The prologue to my book! I am hoping to get this published soon... dont worry, the prologue is more of an information peice than an actual part of the story, but it is important so read away!!

Kyla's Story (9 and 10)

Chapters 9 and 10 everyone!! I think everyone is going to like these chapters... at least, I hope they do! ^_^

Kyla's Song (3 and 4)

DO NOT READ THIS STORY IF YOU HAVENT READ 'KYLA'S STORY'!!! Here are chapters 3 and 4 of Kyla's Song, sequel to Kyla's Story.... I think everyone's going to like these chapters ^_~

Kyla's Song (5 and 6)

DO NOT READ THIS STORY IF YOU HAVENT READ 'KYLA'S STORY'!!! Finally I have uploaded chapters 5 and 6!!! Sorry for the long wait, I was rather busy with schoolwork and didnt have much time to go online!

The Sound of Unicorns (poem)

My second Elfwood poem! Another one about Unicorns! (I was on a roll that day :P lol!) Enjoy!

Kyla's Song (11 and 12)

DO NOT READ THIS STORY IF YOU HAVENT READ 'KYLA'S STORY'!!! Wow, here it is, the ending to Kyla's Song... I am really pleased with the way it turned out ^_^

Kyla's Song (1 and 2)

DO NOT READ THIS STORY IF YOU HAVENT READ 'KYLA'S STORY'!!! For those of you who have read 'Kyla's Story': Here is the much asked for Sequel! I think my writing improved a lot between writing Kyla's Story and writing this ^_^ Enjoy!!

Ayven ~ Prologue

This is the prologue to my story, Ayven.

Elven Secrets - Chapter 6

here it is, the last chapter of Half-Elf Girl *sniff sniff* it's been great! I'll miss posting new chapters and seeing how everyone reacts to them... at least I still have Kyla's Story... I am glad that everyone liked this story and I hope the ending is enjoyed as much as the beginning was... thanks to everyone who commented on this story... and even all the people who didnt... Thanks for the support and the constructive critisism! Now here it is... the end:

Kyla's Story (chapter 7)

And now, introducing chapter 7! *drumroll* *little poof and ch 7 appears* Tada!!! ^_^ Enjoy!

Kyla's Story (chapter 8)

I am soooo evil!!! mwahahahahaha!!! ok.... umm.... ignore that... *tries to look innocent and fails* darn! oh well.... just read chapter 8... *snickers to self* oh, did you see that? umm.... it, uh, wasnt me.... ok ok, just read!!!! Update: OMG!! MOD'S CHOICE!!!! Thank you sooo much!!! I think I'm gonna faint now (I really didn't expect this!) Thanks so much!!! ^_^

Kyla's Story (5 and 6)

Here are chapters 5 and 6! I like these chapters... read read read!! ^_^

Elven Secrets - Chapter 1

A story about a girl who accidentally finds her way into the Elvish realm and discoveres that she is a rare half-blood (half-Elf, half-human) ........ I have edited the story a tiny bit from suggestions from a helpful comment... my thanks to whoever the comment writer is ....... YAY!! The kind and helpful mod's have put the mod's choice icon back!! ^_^ This was my first ever story on elfwood, and my first ever mod's choice! (that's why it's so special ^_^)

Rose Princess (Part Two)

Here is the new part two of Rose Princess, my Beauty and the Beast retelling! I encourage you all to read the new stuff, even if you've already read Rose Princess! I like it more now. :) Please comment!

Elven Secrets - Chapter 4

Here it is, my favorite chapter, please dont ask me why... the only other thing I am going to say is keep a box of tissues handy... I know I needed them when I wrote it...

Elven Secrets - Chapter 2

Continuation of Half-Elf Girl (ch 1).

The Unicorn (poem)

This is a poem about the beauty that is the Unicorn. This is my first poem on Elfwood!! I hope you all like it!!

Kyla's Story (3 and 4)

Chapters 3 and 4! yay! enjoy!

Kyla's Story (chapter 11)

Here is the final chapter of Kyla's Story... It's kinda short, but oh well... ...I will be posting Kyla's Song (the sequel, but not the final book) eventually (especially if people say they want me to ^_^)


Ayven is a fairly typical teenager who lives a pretty normal life. But one day she meets a stranger who will change her life and turn her world upside-down. If you have not already read the Prologue, please do so before continuing to read!

Rose Princess (Part Three)

And here is part three of Rose Princess! I'm fond of the additions made. It really helps us understand how Beauty and the Beast came to become friends.... :)

Kyla's Song (7 and 8)

DO NOT READ THIS STORY IF YOU HAVENT READ 'KYLA'S STORY'!!! And now, chapters 7 and 8! Here is where it gets interesting... ^_^

Rose Princess (Part One)

This is a story that I have been wanting to write for a long time... It is my version of my favorite fairy tale: 'Beauty and the Beast' .... This is Part One... Enjoy! OMG!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE MOD'S CHOICE!!! I'm soooo happy Update 12/17/03 - It is now fixed so that the right brother is marrying the right girl ^_^

Elven Secrets - Chatper 3

Wow! Mod's choice on Ch 1! I think I'll put up chapter 3 now...*skips off to fetch ch 3* yay! here it is! enjoy!!

Elven Secrets - Chapter 5

Here is chapter five... not much else to say... enjoy... (by the way, this is the second to last chapter)

Kyla's Story (1 and 2)

READ THE PROLOGUE FIRST IF YOU HAVENT ALREADY Here is chapters 1 and 2 of Kyla's Story... It is still a work in progress, but I hope everyone likes it! In chapter 2 is the part that started it all... hehe... I even have the paper that I wrote that part on still... Enjoy!!!

Kyla's Song (9 and 10)

DO NOT READ THIS STORY IF YOU HAVENT READ 'KYLA'S STORY'!!! I love these chapters, I hope you all like them as much (or more) than I do!! ^_^