Naomi Goins

Im 20yrs old, I work nights at a clothing store. I like to read, draw, play pool, watch tv and movies, I don't like coconut, I love asian food, Gary Oldman is my favorite actor,  I love kung fu and  international movies, 5'3, involved with my family as much as possible.... etc I like Music, The occasional drawing, Movies, Cooking and eating(who doesnt enjoy that?)I'll Read every so often, Work, Applying costume makeup, Watch tv and what ever else comes to mind.. Favourite movies master killer, fist of fury, hellboy 1&2, underworld, dracula, kiss of the dragon, invisible target, iron monkey, blade1,2,&3, enter the dragon, project a, run fat boy run, shawn of the dead, hot fuzz, stepbrothers, fith element, leathal weapon4, the covenant, charlie, trasporter 1&2, the terminator 1&2 (not 3), pitch black, chronicals of riddick, an american werewolf in paris... Favourite books Anita blake series; Black Dagger Brotherhood series; and other vampire and gore books Favourite music Rammstein, Korn, Black Sabath, Otep, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Emigrate, Flyleaf, and occasional rap

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