Kat Napthine

Reality is not what I am best at soooo.... I am a witch, a daydreamer and an aspiring writer. For all my life I have been interested in fantasy, folklore, the supernatural and magick. Dragons, elves, fairies, demons and magick.... these are the things my world contains. Escapism through art, literature and music is what keeps me sane. Here I have posted mostly poems (they're what I love writing best) and several short pieces. Feel free to tell me what needs work. In fact, please do!! Note: Our mother earth is dying... I am seriously committed to leading a life which does not harm her but nurtures her. I implore you to do the same.

The Vampires Kiss

An excerpt from an unfinished novel. A paragraph or two pertaining to an encounter with a vampire.

Immortal Embrace

A short Vampire poem

Silver Dragon

flight is what makes the dragon feel alive..

The Wishing Tree

A broken faerie wishes... http://www.elfwood.com/~bonedust/The_Wishing_Tree.2581462.html

Bike Ride

A bike ride that doesn't turn out quite like you would expect! Based on a weird dream...

Wrath of an Angel

A vengeful angel descends to wreak havoc with her sword of power

Bike Ride (cont)

I did warn you it was a weird dream LOL pleaze let me know if you want to see more like this ^_~


This pegasus is the last of her species.

Fallen Knight

A tale of a knight and his lost love

The Dragons Lazy Day

What is the perfect way to spend the day if you are a dragon?


An elf stumbles upon Elftown while wandering the woods

The Staff-bearer

Another piece aiming for dark and ghoully, I'm not sure if I managed to evoke sufficient atmosphere though.

Faerie Birth

A faerie awakens for the first time in the deep of the forest.

Dark Wanderer

Magic can become a curse that haunts for eternity....

Call to the Dragon

Inspired by Dragon Raiser a pic in Elfwood by Lucy McGrath this is about a mage calling a dragon...

The Blue Star

Magic makes a candle more than it seems

Deadly Dragon

Just a little poem about dragons

The Demon

The demon wanders through the land searching for souls to harvest.