Taylor Wilson

 I am a werewolf / wolf fanatic, but I also love dragons.I'm an only child, but i'm pretty sure i'm the weirdest child in my whole family.  (extended)my life pretty much revolves around my beloved pets.  I used to have a 180lb st benard that i rescued from a shelter that got shut down because it was so filthy.  Sebastian lived to the ripe old age of 12 and died of cancer.  That was a few years back and i still miss him terribly.  Now days, i wish i had a dog but i have my hands full with a paint horse named Essential,  two birds (Dakotah and Precious,) and a snake name Luke.  Not to mention 4 aquariums and a frog!  Many of my pets are also 'special needs' pets.  I am facinated by Native American cultures although the only known native blood I have is from my great-grandmother.  And she was only part native.    I like drawing, writing, crochetting, photography, dream catchers, Nature, horses, dogs, rescuing deformed or neglected/abused pets, hikes, and other stuff i can't remember at the moment. Favourite books on of my favorites of all time: "the name of the wind" by patrick rothfus. But i have so many fantasy books i've fallen behind in my readings.