Mae Govannen Mellonanin! My name is Paulien van der Krift. Welcome to my Wyvern's Library! Here you can find the chapters of my first book ever! It's an high-fantasy book, especially for children. It's called Children of Ílma. It's a bit complicated though, but the more you read the more you'll understand *hint hint*!! The story is about Náriël, Silian, Doriath, Elleven, Fixien, Liath and Gilrien-Hyn who have to save the world with 70 other children. The world is called Ilmarissë. Please feel free to read anytime! And also leave comments to tell me what you think! It's my first book ever, so I might need a lot of advice! Also check out my Lothlorien and Deviant Art gallery for Illustrations. Any questions? Feel free to ask them! Namárië!

Children of Ilma #12

The library at Argo-Faith Tower is HUGE!!

Children of Ílma #5

When Nariel arrives at the Home of the Wiseman, the house seemed to be ruined. She had no idea what happened until she found a note, and until a boy found her.

Children of Ílma #9

Náriël and Liath arrive at Cendorin forest. But Owen is missing. Then they are brought to the place called Sake by the Fe-lines and the Feneloids. And a myterious boy is waiting for them.

Children of Ílma #8

Back to Náriël and Liath. They are crossing the High Wetlands to the other side. There, without knowing, they also get to deal with the Holyrail Herd. Náriël meets Myrowing, the magical horse. But he's not alone...

Children of Ílma #13

It's an Ambush! The Collins are taking over the Argo-Eye!

Song of Hope

May you even lose hope, then sing this song to you. I know you don't know the tune, but you can make one yourself. I must be a peacefull one.

Children of Ilma #14

To Doriath and Liath. Reaching the Priddle-Forest, they find Trinity, Inoni and Rayn.

Children of Ílma #11

Let's see.. Arriving at Argofaith, the children are meeting Makeda. But this causes a bit confusing. Gilrien-Hyn.. or Makeda..??

Children of Ílma #6

Now we step over to Silian's part. He meets the girl named Fixien and -without even knowing- the Wiseman himself. And was that girl he saw truly Gilrien-Hyn?

Children of Ilma #18

Náriël and the boys of Arrentax on their mission to find the Book of Spells.

Children of Ílma #3

Nariel and Silian go apart. It's harder than they thought it would be.

Song of Faith

May you lose faith, then sing this song to you. I know you don't know the tune, but you can make one yourself. It must be a peacefull one.

A Winter Night in Camelot

This is a story of Camelot. The thing you are about to read of is not an eclips (or whatever), just something else. Behold the power of legendary heroes and friends who are not what they seem!

Children of Ilma #17

Náriël.... on her way to Rindoor to get the Book of Spells.

Children of Ílma #4

Nariel arrives at the Giver's Lookout. But it goes different then she expected.

Children of Ílma #10

Coming and Going. When crossing the borders of Cendorin, the children are immediatley attacked. It this the end of Náriel?? Not if Gilrien-Hyn can help it..

Children of Ilma #15

About Elleven and Fixien, meeting Miysis in the mountains.

Children of Ílma #2

Silian and Náriël arrive at Gilrien. The city is there, and it's high. They meet a singing tree.

Children of Ílma #7

Now we turn to Silian. He arrives at the Nightingale Valley and... what!? Gilrien-Hyn!?

Children of Ilma #16

Now we go to Silian, who finds his family in the Halm Caves.

Children of ílma Introduction

The Intro!! It's not too good though, it's better in Dutch:P