I love to write read and do any form of art. I am self taught ecept for kindergarden lessons (and I took a tutorial for the computer drawings.) My favorit materials to work with are clay, oil pastels, charcal, and colored pencils. I still can't brave the markes for a petrefying fear of messing up. I also play the acoustic string bass and write constantly, mostly poetry though I can't hold a candle to most of the people here. ( If you can't tell ,I have a serious problem with spelling , so I apologise for any misstakes I have or will make.) update: I braved the markers!!! go me! I also worked some more with watter colors and "computer art".update: also in AP art. so much fun! got to work with oil paint. love it!update:made varsity on swimteam!!!!update: in college :) field biology major with an art minor! I like I love reading books, playing the acoustic Bass and harp, swiming, dancing Favourite movies stargate atlanas, starwars, lord of the rings, eureka... Favourite books Harry Potter, Enders Game, Eragon, A Wrinkle In Time... you name it I'll read it!