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I actually had this done a week before Chrissy, but am only now uploading it. Go me. Anyway~ these are my muses, Cerita (aka Cherry) on the left and Mempi on the right. Naturally, since they're muses, there's a fair bit of symbolism in their appearance, so~ here we go. Cerita is Indonesian for 'create' (therefore the 'c' is pronounced like 'ch', hence the nickname Cherry) and Mempi is Indonesian for 'dream'. They've got dark blueish purple skin, because they're my favourite colour, and also because a great deal of my stories take place at night. I love nighttime, I do. Their eyes, hair and wings are silver, again for the night thing, so they're silver like stars. Pointy ears is more because I write fantasy stuff than elves in particular. Never written anything about elves, actually. They're not actually elves, cos they've got wings and bloo skin. I dunno what they are exactly, they're muses =D;; Wings~ because I have a high percentage of winged characters and I just love drawing wings. What else? Oh yeah, there are two of them. Originally I just had Cherry, and naturally gave her a sword~ because I love swords~ and I think all my characters bar *thinks* three, including Mempi, own one. One of the swordless characters, Bastet, is actually paranoid of swords and anyone who owns one. I figure that muses should really be able to talk to all my characters, so Mempi arrived, and is swordless so he can talk to Bastet without making her nervous or anything. I'm smurt X3 And that would be all the symbolismy type stuff. No fluff on the clothes because I forgot it and figured 'meh, it's Australia, they'd get hot if they had fluff on their Chrissy clothes.' Last of all, they're CUTE! Particularly Cherry. I love~~~ how Cherry came out, she's so sweet and innocent~ **^^** *huggles the muses*

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