Aida Vicens

Welcome... I am back.   Well, who I am? My name's Aida, I was born a morning of early autumn, back on 1986. I grew up in Mallorca, and developed an ever-growing love for fantasy, languages and art. Now here I am, far from home (maybe not for much, but who knows), and still dreaming to become an artist. Lately I mostly use Photoshop CS and a tablet for my pictures, but the pics you'd see in this gallery (at least until I update) are mostly sketches in paper, scanned and coloured with a mouse.      And, apart from that, don't know what else can I tell you about me... so if there's something you miss in the bio (suposing you read all this boring personal info) feel free to ask me, via e-mail or here.And please... ¿could you be so kind to leave a comment? I am now a member of the Comment Exchange on elftown. Members of the Comment Exchange promise to comment on the galleries of those that comment on their own. so if you comment on any picture or on this page, I promise to reciprocate in kind... that is if you leave a comment stating, 'cool pic' you will earn one of equal value on your gallery, if however, you give an awesome crit then you will earn an awesome crit in return. And no I don't return comment for comment, the more you comment the more I am likely to comment more on your stuff, but the numbers of comments I give out is completely up to me. Still, I will return the favor in kind. One other thing, if i get mods choice ever/again i will try to return the favor of your comments but it may take me quite some time. Comment Exchange Comment Exchange EW Members