Michael Nason

Hi gang! I've been involved with Australian comics since 1995. My first published work was a 2 page pencil story in the second issue of Dillon Naylor's  "Da 'n Dill" comic (published then by Issue One Comics, from Sydney)I'm currently the group editor at "LAC" (Local Act Comics) here in Melbourne, and on top of editor duty I've also been roped into inking "Vigil" (starting with the 3rd issue), and doing pencils (and probably inks) for "Superhero Hype", a new ongoing series...well, once I find time to finish it that is...The work for LAC has really just started in the last six months, so I'm still new to the do's and dont's of editing, but so far I'm having a great time!O.K.So, what am I doing here?Well, like so many other guy's (and gal's) I've read and enjoyed Marvel and DC comics as a kid (and even now as an adult) and have found myself on the odd occasion  drawing one of their characters, just for fun. It doesn't happen very often, so I never saw myself as a "fan" artist (hey, I've never even looked at drawing as a hobby, but rather as an inevitable step towards a career).And it seems like I've got enough of these "sketches" to fill a small gallery, go figure...so, without further ado, I humbly present to you my fan art...Enjoy! --------new up-date, 01/07/07--------- new pictures coming soon.