You quite possibly know my name already, so I won't bore you, and I'm pretty sure that any information I give will somehow come back to haunt me like my middle name, so we won't go into that stuff either. Let's try some of the generic questions. I don't really know what inspires me to do what I do but I guess it could be the beauty I see in everything. The texture, the colors, even the fact that it has no color is something for me to look at and take note of. I want to become a writer of some sort, probably a novelist though I don't think I will ever acheive it, or an artist of some kind, like a graphics designer or something. As for recent events I'm on the college rag. Searching and applying is never fun and neither is taking tests. But I'll do it. Anyways. If you ever get the chance to deck someone and not have any consequences, do it. It is well worth it, even with a few sore knuckles. Ever just want to scream at people? I do. A lot. It's infuriating. We can't always wish and get, so get used to it. -Me