cheriarchi aquatic knight

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Tali Tjiang

scanned photo of sketch on medium weight drawing paper, photoshoped from scratch, 5 months in total to complete/1-2 hours a day at a time (busy with school)Cheriarchi knight, a water faerie and completely my own made up "faeryë type", if anyone has any suggestions on how I can find proper reference photos of underwater shots, I'd be very grateful, the ones I find have things in them screwing up the background.These water faeries in my story concept I'm working on are described as vicious creatures that have to constantly stay in motion, like a shark, they are drawn to blood miles off and attack ships always in the same area, the Azuli Ocean is riddled with monsters of the deep, carcasses of ships and skeletons of unfortunate sailors from every century since the land dwelllers sought to traverse the wild, untamable waves, are scattered all over the cliffs of the Krailamarka. The ribbons attached to the faerie's body are her fins, (inspiration-angel fish/beta/tigerfish) and her ears are slits hidden underneath that mass of fine tentacle-like hair and just below the lowest spine in her head fin.

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