Arrogant Law (quasi-finished)

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Natalia Kostylev

I saw the photo this picture's based on while flipping through some magazines. I was really struck by the model's expression, it was just a PERFECT look of haughtiness and superiority. Thought I'd try to capture it as best as I could, and hopefully make a portrait that has a real expression for a change instead of just gazing off into nothingness. After a lot of procrastinating and working on side-projects and homework and other such nonsense, I finally 'kinda' finished this piece. There are many parts I'm very unhappy with but don't know how to fix right now, but I feel that it's at least polished enough to go up. The elf in the picture kindly deigned to share her story with me, and the final verdict seems to be that she's a deposed monarch on her way to exile, pausing for one last arrogant glance at her captors. :::shrugs::: It sounded better in my head.

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Category Fantasy

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