Elven Study Five Billion

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Natalia Kostylev

This is just one of a hundred billion random sketches I drew during one of the many boring classes in my old college (my new one's a little more entertaining). Hence I give you all a horrible pun by calling it a 'study'... I'm oh so clever. Wow. Anyway, she doesn't look a thing like she did on my sketchpad, and I felt like turning her into an actual picture, so here's what I have so far. Note that I was noooot going for any sort of realistic accuracy or proportion on her face, I was enjoying playing with facial features... so don't bother pointing those out to me. And I know she doesn't have hands yet, yeah... those'll be put in when I put a background in. Sue me, I'm lazy. This was also one of my few attempts at facial structure and such without looking at a photo for reference, so I'm a little proud about that (not that it's great, but it's better than I've done from memory in the past). Comments, questions, constructive criticism... whatever. Any commentary's welcome, really. Medium(s): Pencil on sketch paper followed by scanning and digital painting-over.

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