Natalie Harrison

Hail and well met travellers, welcome to my corner of the woods, just come in, sit back have a nice cuppa and take a little gander at my work.... Small Update It's been a while since I last logged into this place... I've had to get out the old hoover and dusters to dust off this place.  I've got alot of cleaning up to do, starting with pictures, so some of you oldies who know/knew me, will see a difference.... hopefully :D Personal Update I'm getting married, I work in a school with the most lovable children who have Autism and teach them Art & Craft, I've just passed my Grade one piano exam with flying colours, I'm now an auntie to a beautiful little girl called Ferne Rebecca and that's about it... for now :D RECOMMENDED ELFWOOD ARTISTS WHOM I ADMIRE!! James Lunn Jennifer Breitkopf rachel harrison Norma A. Peters Katelyn Kiki Kikenstein Liam Burgoyne Jade N. Bengco Sherman F. Nodler Andy Guest