Natalie Myers

i'm back!!! hey, ppls! =) long time, no see. sorry bout that. -_-'''Name: Natalie Beth Myers    Nicknames: Annie, Natty, Anne, Nat Nat, and Nattles                        Age: i'm uh...either 53, 1045, 2, or 15. pick oneColor: Red, Black, and BlueSiblings: Maddie, Cory, JoeyHow many stories being written at the same time: 25Home: San Diego, CA; Mbingo, Cameroon; Yaounde, CameroonMy main stories: Fire Wind -- found the file again! My poems: Wait and Far AwayMy side stories: An Assissin's Pledge I like i like drawing and writing stories to help me stay away from going mad. =) Favourite movies My favorite tv show is Star Trek, and my favorite movies are The Matrix, and the Lord of the Rings. Favourite books I'm a huge fantasy fan. i luv Eragon and Eldest, Magician: Master, Darkness at Sethanon, and the Sword of Shannara. My fav. Scifi is Dune.

Deceiving Oneself.htm

this is a poem i actually wrote a while ago. i'm still quite proud of it. ^_^ i'm trying to upload this on Easter, so what better poem, eh? enjoy!April 2010


...not much to say about this poem. kinda speaks for itself. one of my very first poems so yes, quite old. =)April 2010

The Hills of Mallinay.htm

my first sestina. i think the poem explains itself pretty well...April 2010

Fire Wind (chapter Three) REMAKE.htm

yay! a chapter! =) for those who actually read it!June 2009

Fire Wind (chapter Four) REMAKE.htm

the next chapter! woot! i finally found the file after a while of searching, so i was very happy about that. ^_^ i don't know how many people actually read my stuff (since it isn't very good and i've been gone for a while) but here it is anyway. oh, and comment please. i need imput!June 2009

An Assassin's Pledge - Prologue

this is an experimentation. i haven't written too much, so i need imput into the story. if you think it sounds interesting, i'll continue it. if not...i'll stop. just thought i'd post it. oh, and tell me if any of you see any typos, grammatical errors, and such. thanx!June 2009

Into Death's Embrace

just a poem i wrote during Bible class. my friend said it was sweet and sad at the same time. enjoy!June 2009

The Hills of Mallinay

use your imagination. i think it's pretty self explanitory. this is also my very first Sestina! woot! =)June 2009

The Midnight Song

June 2009


my first poem from being absent for a very, very, very, very, very, very, very long time. ^_^ what ya guys think of it?June 2009

Fire Wind (chapter One) REMAKE

this is a rewritten version of 'Fire Wind.' i changed a few things and added a little more humor. enjoy!

Desert chapter 3

i had a lot of fun with magnetism in this chapter. i don't even know if it is possible, but heck, it's in the future. =)

Fire Wind (chapter Twelve)

Trena goes to Merissa Mitchells, Nick's mom, and a few things are revealed about her. okay, sorry if this chapter gets a little confusing. i'd be happy to explain any questions you might have. =) so please remain seated and have a nice day. =P

Fire Wind (chapter Thirteen)

Nick and Mark go through a little magic training. everything that goes on in this chapter is not really something you have to remember, but it might be useful later. ;) sorry, this might get a little confusing. i'm trying not to add too much stuff but it's all needed. *groans* i'm starting to confuse myself now. don't mind me. oh, if anything is in -these things- that usually means someone is talking to someone else with their mind.

Fire Wind (chapter four)

the story finally gets goin.

Fire Wind (chapter six)

Nick is glad to be home, but things are about to get really wierd in New York

Desert (chapter one)

this is a story about a girl named Natasha, who is taken from her home on Earth to the Void.

Fire Wind (chapter five)

Nick faces the hard fact that he is, indeed, in the demon world.

Fire Wind (chapter two)

this took me a while to think of what to do next. in the first chapter, i said they he lived in San Diego. well, now he lives in New York. so, just forget that i said he lived in San Diego. it's now NYC. get over it.

Fire Wind (chapter one)

this is a story about a boy named Nick who happens to get drawn into something larger than he thought possible.

Desert (chapter Four)

once again, i'm sorry this took me a while. my week has been insane. so, in this chapter, Natasha is taken to Kayara's home and meets Calor! yay!

Fire Wind (chapter seven)

this chapter introduces AJ, a kid the same age and in the same grade as Nick. also, Hashin is also introduced. oh, mercs are mercenaries. enjoy!

Far Away

this is a poem for a book i'm writing. the two people on the beach are elves, while the old woman is human. the old woman is actually young, but the magic that she can hardly control is changing her appearance. the old woman's name is Camarie.

Fire Wind (chapter Two) REMAKE

sorry this took a little while, but school was getting out and everything has been a little hectic. anyway, the arrival of Trena! i definately prefer this version over the original.


i wrote this poem a couple of days ago, and i just felt like it had to be written down. i plan on puting this in one of my books, being said by a human that later turns out to be a half-demon.

Desert (chapter two)

this is the second part of Desert where Natasha finds herself in a new world.

Fire Wind (chapter Eleven)

Mark and the ghost Resh are attacked by Hashin, Sereca's elven general.

Fire Wind (chapter Nine)

Nick goes through some training with Mark and Trena. sounds like fun.... =)

Fire Wind (chapter Ten)

Nick gets a new locker, a new sword, and a new friend.

Fire Wind (prologue)

this is the prologue for my elfwood story 'Fire Wind.' anything italicized is someone thinking.

Fire Wind (chapter Eight)

this chapter introduces Amy, Jason, and Joe. not very fast moving, but it will lead to something important.

Fire Wind (chapter three)

this chapter introduces Brianna, Mimi, and Mat who will later become main characters. this took me a while trying to think of what to do next, but i think i got it. hope you like it! =)

Fire Wind (prologue) REMAKE

this is a rewritten version of the prologue to 'Fire Wind.' tell me all what you think of it. =)