Nathan Bennetch

Time to update this bio thing...I haven't updated in forever since school's been taking up so much time, but at last I get a free second. I've got a new story to upload. Five parts currently. The Variance Reality story will have all its parts refreshed, since I've made some slight tweaks to it over the months. Morbid Existence remains the same, and currently it's the only 'short' story (and COMPLETE story) by me that can be found here. The others might even become novels eventually. I hope you all enjoy my stuff. Just as a side thought, scroll through the comments and check out Kirsten Cleigh's gallery. She's my best friend on EW, and my biggest fan! Thanks for all the support, Kirsten.Lastly, I would like to pitch an artist plea. If a character (or scene) in here interests you, and you're good at drawing that particular style (scifi for Variance and Morbid, fantasy for Dragonscale), drop me a line on the various chat programs I have or email. I'm on a neverending search for artists! If you draw me something cool, I'll include the illustration, giving you full credit, into the appropriate story. And now, two paths lie before you. Continue onward into the endless grind of reality, or stop by, relax, and slip into the realms of fantasy that I've opened up just for you. Your visit is most welcome.

The Dragonscale Relic part 1

This is the first part in a story that will eventually become a published novel if I'm really lucky. It's the second volume in the 'Chronicles of Myia.' Enjoy and tell me what you think.

The Dragonscale Relic part 2

Variance Reality Part One

Set in a world advanced into the future, with upgraded Internet technology, a freelance game designer formulates a theory. A theory stating there may be more to this life than we know...

A Morbid Existence

Ever have one of those dreams that is just too real? I have. This one dream was the most detailed I have ever experienced, and here is my account of it. Be forewarned! It's sad... Read at your own risk and try not to cry... too much...

Variance Reality Part Four

Things are beginning to heat up...

Variance Reality Part Three

The night after Dan demonstrated his game, he tried to rest, somewhat fitfully. Until...

The Dragonscale Relic part 3

Variance Reality Part Two

'Thalius' tries to explain his game idea to his friend...

The Dragonscale Relic part 4

The Dragonscale Relic part 5

Variance Reality Part Five

At last... part five!