Nat Gellert

To get to know a bit more about me go and visit my Lothlorien gallery. . Years and years have passed and I never drew fan art. Thought it was crappy and not very imaginative to draw characters other persons have invented. But I adore Neil Gaiman`s Sandman and the characters, so I wanted to draw them and put them here. I started to draw my Endless series with Delirium, Dream followed and I have the ideas for pics with the others. An update is on it`s way but only with Lord Morpheus.I am sure I`ll do the others soon as well. I have found many artists being fans and drawing fanart of the Sandman series and so here is my Sandman fanart linklist. If you`d like to be on the list with your Fanquarter gallery or if you wish to have the whole list in your gallery then just write a comment and I`ll do it! So here they are. First of all my friendSabrina and all the others I have found until now: Jing-Jen J. Sun Katie 'hyp' VanHoom Karoline -Due- Berstad Carina Cederblad Marthe Marie G. Christensen Claire 'Clara' Kempa Michelle Hughey Kristen Diane Scallion Claire E. Ninneman Jillian F. Ostertag Andrea L. Peterson Hope L. Kodman Jill Johansen I. Morima Johansen William Teo Uta 'Freawyn' Hesse And last but not least my favourite Johanna Öst