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I see it's time for an update. New story... no more Aissatan. Actually, there've been a couple new stories since Aissatan, only one worth posting. I promised I'd finish Aissatan, and maybe someday i will, but I'm starting to doubt it. Hopefully this next one'll be the one! Tis called Helswhithian Dreams. Funky name with an ironic twist that you'd have to read the story to get. 9.9 Funky story, too. They just keep getting weirder and weirder. That's ok, though. Other than that, not much else new. I am highly doubting that anyone'll read Helswhith... but that's ok. Just postin it cuz I felt like it. *shrugs* ~July-23-2002~ new short story... and some poems. and that's about it. go read 'edge'... its caused conflict among my peoples (parents, mostly) and so i really wanna see what others think of it. so, if anyone happens to read this (silence) then, go check it out.


Aissatan: Chapter 1

Aissatan wanders to the home of a lonely otter, Jo, who turns out to be a good friend. Generals of Re'Llen, Shar and Aroa, are forced to do battle, and are left with few soldiers...

Helwhithian Dreams~ Prologue

In all of Kae'Llor, there is only one thing absolutely immortal. The Hewlhithian army--never once defeated, never once brought down--it uses the two most dangerous weapons, never controlled so well by any other. People, and their emotions. Helswhith scours the land, leaving nothing alive in their path, to search for Talents, ones born with the power of Aljera. To be born with the talent is considered to be born with a curse, as those who are never escape the clutches of the Army Immortal. Their fears and hopes used against them, they are entrapped for all time. But, can something so unpredictable and misunderstood as the human mind truly be controlled forever? For something so varied, can the Army truly grasp each strand of thought of their prisoners? Up until this point they have, but can it really go on immortally?


It's a story about furries, so don't get confused. Aissatan, a wolf, and her lover, Rabb are seperated in a sudden and ill-timed attack, Aissatan only to wake up on the shore with no memory, and Rabb's fate unknown...


The name was the only thing i could think of... this is about the two main characters of Helswhith.