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A tiefling Master of Masks of paeliryon baatezu descent (Dungeons & Dragons 3.5). A tall, portly man strides confidently towards you. He seems to be a performer of some sort, or at least he dresses the part with gaudy clothes and elaborate accessories. His face is painted white and pink, dark makeup surrounds his eyes, and red lipstick highlights his thick lips. He appears to be the harmless sort, but you notice his goat-like legs and long, blood-red fingernails. One of his large hands holds a skull-tipped scepter, suggesting that this man might not be as harmless as you first thought.LyleMale elite tiefling Rogue 1/Warlock 4/Master of Masks 10/Virtuoso 1Lyle, whose real name is unkown to anyone but himself, was born in Hillsfar (where nonhumans were later prohibited), raised in Zhentil Keep (which was mostly ruined a few years ago), and educated in Mulmaster (where wizards and their ilk have been outlawed). He is a thespian by profession and a member of the New Ollamn bardic college. He personally knows many of Waterdeep’s wealthy patrons of the arts, as well as the seedy characters who frequent the city’s numerous taverns and brothels. He is the go-to guy when you need to keep tabs on someone discretely since he can blend into a crowd easily and possesses a wide array of handy spell-like abilities at his fingertips.Behavior and Tactics Lyle is a consummate actor and a nymphomaniacal voyeur. He can become almost any character he wishes, his artistic talent overshadowed only by his craving for passions of the flesh with members of any civilized race of any gender. These fetishes make Lyle an excellent observer and judge of character – traits that make him invaluable to his guild. He is never caught without wearing at least one of his persona masks. He tends to be cruel and ruthless in combat; Lyle would never hesitate to use his eldritch blast against those he perceives as a threat, and he won’t be afraid to go toe-to-toe if pressed into melee combat (especially if he thinks the situation is ideal for sneak attacks).Fiendish Ancestry/Appearance Paeliryon baatezu. Lyle is living proof that not all warlocks come from demonic stock. He has even inherited his devil ancestor’s aesthetic taste in make-up – his face is powdered white and pink to give it a rosy glow, high cheeks are always blushed with rouge, pouty lips painted a shiny red, and his intense green eyes are accentuated further with blue eyeshadow, violet eyeliner and black mascara. He keeps his fingernails long and painted with crimson nailpolish. Overall, he gives the impression of a fat, vaudeville-esque homosexual human male (as long as he keeps his cloven feet underneath a robe or skirt, that is).  

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