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Serin looked into the stranger´s eyes. They were piercing, blue like the ocean surface before a storm. He stared at her with his amazing eyes. It´s like he was expecting her to do something. There was this thing about him, something in the way he hooked her with his look that reminded her of someone. Serin couldn´t think of anyone. Did she know him? Suddenly a thought came into her mind, and she half-closed her eyes trying to figure out just how true it could be. He smiled a half-smile at Serin´s reaction, then she knew she could not be wrong. "Leneke?" she asked, confused and astonished. He smiled wider with satisfaction. This is a veeery romantic scene i thought of when i asked myself how Leneke would look like if he were human. He never actually turns human in the whole story. Serin only sees him this way in a dream, for her misfortune, since she sort of falls in love with him in a very platonic kind of way. She never tells him, but In one ocasion she says "you know? it´s too bad you´re not human". "Yeah.." he replies with a small laugh.

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