Linda Gock

I was born with the inability to concentrate on mundane tasks and the patience to daydream hours away. And I go through a lot of paper. Although I do not have time for requests anymore, I am happy to do art trades or paid commissions, just send me an email. Thank you all for dropping by, please leave comments/criticisms, it helps to see something from a different point of view! Feel free to be mean, as long as it's constructive and not plain stupid. More trades under constuction, please be patient! Art trade artists: | Bendi | Jenne Flynn | *Dark Flower* | Jessie Brockman | Kali | Christine Colvin | Rebekah Garcia | S.E.A. Shilton | Darien Gerke | Laura Jones | Margaret Taylor | Rosemary Jennifer Wong | Cynthea Halcyone Cotton | Skip Nodler | Jo.D Ciel | Eli | IlzE | Betsy Tzu-hua Yeh | Samantha Horswill | Howard Faria | Kristine Myrvold | Vincent Bernado | Melina Rae |