Arrgghhhh!!(sometimes ya just gotta scream) Hiya!! I'm new here, but I've been a visitor to elfwood for some time now. ok WARNING: Some of my art contains *Gasp* Nooodity, so if yer offended by such 'G'lord man!! Cover yer eyes!!!! Ok..first submission was rejected, but it gave me time to find a pic of me in costume at the Ren fair. Hmmmm...oh yeah, The group of friends that I spend alot of time with like to drink..ALOT, and enjoy forcing me to contribute to the general festivities, and it seems that the only time I have to be online is afterwards..when I'm drunk(like now)..I hope I can say that..dont remember reading any rules about being inebriated when I write this stuff, or mentioning it. So, in short..Me gonna mispell alot....so please comment on my art..not my @#$%!ng typos or lack of spelling talent when I'm in this state of mental numbness. an I'm not an alcohalic..I'm a peer preasure social victim I tell ya'!!! Ok, onto the background inspirational stuff. I started out drawing for my RPG games to further set the mood..'you guys run into this (lifting drawing and showing the players and smirking at the look of 'oh $#!^!!' on the faces). Then I started doing character commissions for friends and people I met at cons. One day I was at a comic con and I watched this poor fan get torn apart verbaly by a popular Artist for wanting a nude sketch of a character..I was aghast..I mean people ask for that all the time..but this guy really embaressed the kid in front of everyone..I was so angry I went to my car got a paper and pencil and drew what the kid wanted in the Artists style..the kid was grateful and my friends suggested that I do that more and sell em at the cons..and I did for years..(that means I got alot of fan art so I'll have to join that gallery soon) damn..I rambled on..I hate that..I guess I'll just add more bio stuff with the pics..anyway, I pencil..I suck at everything else..I cheat on inking when im gonna color something...Dark photocopy on cardstock and then color it. I almost joined a few comic companies(hehe one company wanted to hire me to just draw the breasts on the already drawn characters..hehe almost became a boob artist) anyway I got screwed over alot by companies and partners and so I quit outright for many years..I just started doodling again in the last couple years when I had time..and recently I've been doing alot of tatoo artwork for friends. Sorry, I'm not currently doing commisions or requests, I may in the future(not that anyone would want to) but we'll see. update Commin soon: in tha meantime here's some more bio stuff till my fanart gallery is up: Favorite artists: Tim Vigil, Frank Frazetta, Arthur Adams and some of his clone artists, Jeff Dee, Bill Willingham, Larry Elmore, Urishuhara, Shirow, Amano, Rei Aran, Clyde Caldwell, Luis Royo, Michael Whelan, Simon Bisley, Phil foglio, Joseph Michael Linsner, Brom, J.Scott Campbell, Joe Maduera, J. Obarr, Tony DiTirlizzi Favorite Anime: Vampire hunter D, Slayers(ova's and movies. NAGGA RULES!!), Shinjuku Wicked City, Shinjuku Demon city, Record of Lodoss wars(ova & tv series), K-O Beast Century, Vandread, Berserk, Urotsukidoji, Tenchi Muyo, Ranma 1/2, Dual, Amon Saga, Street Fighter, Vampire Savior, Yoma, project A-ko, Escaflowne(not the american version), Trigun, Virus, Iczer-1 Favorite bands: Blue Oyster Cult, Alic Cooper, Black Sabath, Ozzy(older stuff), Mettalica(older stuff), Marilyn Manson(older and newer), NIN, Cradle of filth, Slipknot, Misfits, Misfits (new), Iron Maiden, Sisters of mercy, 45 grave, Lita Ford(yeah yeah, I dont care, I get crap for this from all my friends But I still think she rocks!!), Alice in chains, Fields of the Nephelim, Boston, System of a down, Lords of acid, Jesus and the mary chain, Love and rockets, Monster Magnet, Ramstein, Blondie, Lords of the new church, Nick cave and the bad seeds, Bloodhoundgang, Disturbed 7-17-02 Heya! I just uploaded some new fanart, and I will soon be updating this page, I hope they make it through the moderators, because I wont be online to see if they did or not. I thank everyone who has left comments on my pages, good or bad, I'm sorry I couldn't reply to them all. I have had limited internet time. I will be moving at the end of this month and I don't know how long it will be before I can log on again. Again, thank you all for your words of encouragement, and for shocking me at how many of you stood up for me against flames. *snif* I'm gonna miss you guys when I'm gone. 10-02 *sigh* I can't update yet, I can barely get on at all. I was in an accident at work about a week before I moved, it left me in a neck-brace and having to use a cane to hobble around. I have almost no feeling in my fingers, and my legs and arms go numb shortly after doing anything with them. This is one reason why I havn't been responding to comments, you wouldnt believe how long it takes me to type right now, one letter at a time and I have to look at where I hit the key, and then I have to take breaks after a few words until I get feeling back into my hands. Anyway, I do have new material that I was working on before my accident, but The scanner went *Kasplooey* during the move, so I have to wait until I have scanner access before I can update here...Also, in advance, I am on 6 prescription drugs at the moment, so my mind is always in a strange place, so I will apologize now for anything I say or might say in anyones galleries that may seem odd or offensive. I have also been suffering from memory losses after the accident, but the doctors seem pretty confident that I will recover and I hope get my damn memories back. 9-15-03 update comming soon so I'm removing some pics to make room for the new ones.