'Lusiphur' Kirkbright

WARNING: Some of my art contains *Gasp* Nooodity, so if yer offended by such 'G'lord man!! Cover yer eyes!!! ok...I'll do this bio in a diff format..but after this gallery goes up. ok This pic of me was at another halloween party. I was a Gun and sword weilding,smoking,drinking,priest....  .Name(s):R.I.P, Skhorn, Kane Able, Lusiphur, Lusi, SabreTooth (on Enemy Territory). I was on the run from an ex-girlfriend who frequented the online game I played in and had to make a new user identity. A friend of mine insisted I use the name Lusiphur because of a comic character that she said I reminded her of. So she introduced me to a comic called I,Lusipher which later became Poison Elves. I've had the nickname ever since.I am a huge Drew Hayes fan ...I mean of DREW HAYES, not just his comic but his creativity and his wit and sarcasm. ok more later. neeed sleeep....  .ok. My first attempt was rejected..apparently some of my fanart hit too closely on the mark...I don't understand..I mean I used some posses and I gave credit to the orriginal artist..but they were NOT just redrawn..they were very much different from the originals..Isn't that fanart also?? ahh well here goes attempt 2.. .. Some bio info :. Religion: Yeah right!! Like I'm gonna open myself up to that Firing range.... Religious holidays: St.Patricks day(Greeen Beeerrrr :P~), Halloween.... Favorite characters: Sabretooth (marvel comics), Wolverine (if sabertooth isnt available he'll do), Baron Karza (micronauts villain/best villain ever), The Crow(by J. O'barr), Lord Soth(dragonlance), Elric(by Michael Moorcock), Kane(by Karl Edward Wagner), Vlad Taltos(jhereg series), Iczer 2, Ogami Itto(Lone Wolf & Cub), Vampire hunter d, Darth Maul, Artemis Entreri(Drizzt books), Drizzt, Eclavdra(old school AD&D Drow villain before Drow became popular), SoulCatcher (the Black Company series), Harle(chronocross),.... Favorite artists: Tim Vigil, Frank Frazetta, Arthur Adams and some of his clone artists, Jeff Dee, Bill Willingham, Larry Elmore, Urishuhara, Masamune Shirow, Yoshitaka Amano, Rei Aran, Richard Kane Ferguson, Travis Charest, Clyde Caldwell, Luis Royo, Michael Whelan, Simon Bisley, Phil foglio, Joseph Michael Linsner, Brom, J.Scott Campbell, Joe Maduera, J. O'barr, Tony DiTirlizzi, Whoever did the art for Valkyrie Profile,.... Favorite Anime: Vampire hunter D, Slayers(movies and ova's. NAGA RULES!!), Shinjuku Wicked City, Shinjuku Demon city, Record of Lodoss wars(ova & tv series), K-O Beast Century, Vandread, El-hazard, Berserk, Urotsukidoji, Tenchi Muyo, Ranma 1/2, Dual, Amon Saga, Street Fighter, Vampire Savior, Yoma, project A-ko, Escaflowne(not the american version), Trigun, Virus, Iczer-1,.... Favorite Movies: The Crow, All the View askew movies(Jay & Silent Bob), The Lost Boys, Lone Wolf & Cub(all of em), Ginger snaps, Heathers, Rock & Rule, Darkcrystal, Anything with Eliza Dushku, Mia Kirshner or Jennifer Connelly, Star Wars(all of em), Tomb Raider(did ye know that Jolie got Real Brittish SAS combat training for this).... Favorite bands: Blue Oyster Cult, Black Sabath, Ozzy(older stuff), Mettalica(older stuff), Marilyn Manson(older and newer), NIN, Cradle of filth, Slipknot, Misfits, Misfits (new), Iron Maiden, Sisters of mercy, 45 grave, Cheap Trick, Lita Ford(yeah yeah, I dont care, I get crap for this from all my friends But I still think she rocks!!), Alice in chains, Fields of the Nephelim, Boston, System of a down, Lords of acid, Jesus and the mary chain, Love and rockets, Monster Magnet, Ramstein, Blondie, Lords of the new church, Nick cave and the bad seeds, Bloodhoundgang,.... Annoyed: when people call bands like Blink 182 'heavy metal'. Sorry folks Whiney boy bands that throw in some guitar are not Heavy Metal: That there are no more Guitar gods since the industry has focused more on Teen sales potential and thus pretty front men: That even cheesy glam bands of the 80's had more musical talent than most modern bands: ....Believes: That art is what the artist intended to do and not what others think of it: That no one has the right to judge someone elses art without first knowing Anything about the background or reasons behinde it: . 9-25-04 Been a looong time since I updated. I had more to put up here but it's all on another computer that isnt working right now, so for now just 2 new pics.