Noel Dwyer

Other stuff that is mine: Sherlock Holmes Fanart-Yep, current obsession. Not fantasy enough to go on elfwood, so I'm linking to it. Fanfiction- Currently Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter stuff. Main Elfwood Gallery Fantasy comic, full color, =hiatus=.


The queen of the elves. She has never forgiven Svalin (er... another character. It would be silly to explain all this here.) for the fact that she fell in love with him. Her magic ability is limited, but she's pretty adequate at anything involving fire, hence the flame references.


A half-elf who has been exiled from the fairy country for several hundred years finds that it's not as perfect as he remembered it. Halflight Breaking is the title of the online comic that this applies to, hence the use of the phrase.


Meet Arkadi, my story’s… villain… sort of. Elf-goblin halfbreed, and a really nice guy. This is to his brother.


Short poems merit short descriptions. Sad little 3/4 elf kid.


An old dwarf that has spent most of his life exiled from everything to do with his people... i won't go into detail. This is his poem, slightly nostalgic, about when he was young, before he was separated from the rest of the dwarven race.