Raen Neal

Aaah! Welcome, welcome. Im so glad that I have visitors. Not many stop by my tree anymore, well not since the falling. Most of the forest was cleared out, you see. I'm just glad that my house was spared. Oh but I forget my manners. Im Raen. As you can clearly see by my meager postings, Im not really able to find the time to update my page very often because of classes and clinic. Currently, I'm a student practiioner of massage therapy, which just means that I can't get paid for what I do. >.Another reason why there really aren't many pictures up here as there should be is basically because I find myself drawing less and less of sci-fi/ fantasy-ish things. When I actually do find time to draw that is. Before going into massage therapy I was a student at Collins College, where I was studying animation. About a year and a half into my program, I found that I just couldn't see myself drawing to earn a living. It stole my soul, I assume. Collins, not animation. **shrugs** I do intend to eventually get more pictures up, but you see, I'm completely lazy. :P