Alia Shadowluna - Wemic

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This one of my oldest Dungeons & Dragons characters. Her name is Alia Shadowluna and in human years she might look to be around 23, but in wemic years she is a mere 6 years old. For those of you who don't know what a wemic is, think of what a centaur looks like only a wemic has a lion's body, the claws, teeth, and ears of a lion. Although, Alia is anything but a normal wemic. She was born different - a mutant. She should've been killed at birth, but her parents kept her because they knew that after Alia was born that her mother would be unable to have anymore children. Later on in her life, her parents were killed by other normal wemics, but somehow she escaped their wrath. She has legs that look part human and part feline and the ears of the lion as well as the tail and claws. She has teeth similar to a vampires in sharpness and size, too. Her eyes are a pale blue, but feline in every aspect. If she stands on the pads of her feet, she reaches 7 and a 1/2 feet in height and when she is flat-footed she is 6 and a 1/2 feet tall. She is a fierce fighter and has great strength. Her weapons are two scimitars, one is magical and when out of it's scabard it emits an eery blue glow. It also gives her immunity to extreme cold. Her other scimitar is just a regular weapon and she is ambidexterous, also. She eventually meets up with her future partner and lover, Daymoon, who is also an outcast from society. They eventually have a child.

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