Jonas Nelson

Back in 1986, when I was 17, me and my friends started a Swedish role-playing fanzine called 'Rubicon'. Since there was no artist among us, we all contributed happily with drawings varying from crude to worse... In a way, this turned out to be fortunate since all my work got published, and there was no-one to smother my growing interest for drawing. Now, a dozen years later, I occasionally manage to draw something that I can actually be proud of! Most of my work is done in black-and-white with pencil and/or ink, and I am often influenced by the Japanese 'manga' style, especially the work by Masamune Shirow. I get inspiration from all good artwork, but if I had to name a single 'non-manga' artist, it would be William Vance. Having no education in (and no income from) drawing, I definitely rank myself among the 'amateur' or 'hobby' artists. My drawings are usually free for anyone to use - but please contact me first and we'll work out the details!