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This is Ralngo, or Cross because of his cross shaped scar. He was one of my mates. He was born a giant blue drakon (my furry dragons) but he loved to polymorph into green ones since they're so small and can sneak up on scaly dragons, which are what he loved to kill. Well, he was watching a red assassin drakon fighting a blue when the red threw the blue into the cliff. The rocks came tumbling down and Cross had to transform into his giant blue form to protect his little sister. However, the rock hit him half way in his transformation and his skull cracked open. The red assassin took care of him and his sister, called Shy since she never talks to anyone she doesn't know, and when he awoke, he was blue and huge but trapped in a green's body. Ever since, he has not been able to transform back into his original form. He was once one of the most feared assassin mages until his parents were killed and he was left with Shy. He is overly protective of her. His eyes are pitch black. (The end of his tail have four massive stegosuarus-like spikes.) I'll eventually color him... one of these days.

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